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Pott 16* Carl Pott 1935 Pott 20* Paul Voss 1952 Pott 22 Carl Pott 1955 Pott 24* Carl Pott 1963 Pott 25 Carl Pott 1964 Pott 29* Hans Schwippert 1968 Pott 32 Carl Pott 1973 Pott 33 Carl Pott 1975 Pott 34* Carl Pott 1978 Pott 35 Carl Pott 1979 Pott 36 Carl Pott 1982 Pott 40* Ljubisa Misic 1990 Pott 41 Ralph Krämer 1999 Pott 42* Ralph Krämer 2003 Pott 81* Hermann Gretsch 1948 Pott 84* Carl Pott 1952 Pott 86* Josef Hoffmann 1955 Pott 89* Alexander Schaffner 1964 Bonito Child Set Ralph Krämer 1996

Portfolio The Pott flatware portfolio includes 19 different series, which were designed between 1935 and 2003 and are still produced to the greatest extent unchanged in the flatware manufacture in Mettmann with the highest standards of quality. Ten series were designed by Carl Pott, and another nine series were developed by external designers who were commissioned by Carl Pott or later his son Hannspeter.

Historical models Eleven of the 19 series are part of the historical models and are denoted with a star. These eleven series are produced once a year by pre-order. Orders can be placed via retailers or the Mono manufactory until March 31st of each year. These orders are delivered in June and July. The 8 standard series can be purchased year round at retailers and the Mono online shop. This structure of the portfolio allows us to keep the full breadth and depth of the Pott flatware portfolio available, ensuring that you can get any part for many years to come.

Material Pott flatware is available in 18/10 stainless steel and 925 sterling silver. The availability of products and material can be found on the respective product page and the table below. All silver flatware, like the historical models, are produced only once a year, the same dates apply to the order of silver flatware.

Collection Typical for Pott is the breadth,
in which almost all flatware series are available. From fourpiece place setting to butter and cheese knives, soup and serving spoons to dessert flatware, all the individual parts have the characteristic design features of their model.

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Warranty Pott products are made of either sterling silver or stainless steel. The traditional crafting process in our manufactory is your warranty for a perfect and enduring quality product.

Engraving Through the process of engraving names, single letters, monograms, logos or a coat of arms you can obtain your individualized flatware.

Refurbishing and repairs Many years of daily use can leave their mark on even the highest quality product. We will gladly refurbish your flatware. In addition, we will gladly sharpen your knife blades and rework them with a serrated edge. Damaged blades can also be replaced.

Knives in the dishwasher Acidic food remnants and aggressive cleaning products can leave spots or corrosion on high-grade knife blades. This is also a reason for them not to be exposed to the excessively hot steam of the machine at the end of the cycle. We recommend briefly rinsing knives under running water prior to placing them in the dishwasher; at the end of the cycle remove immediately and towel dry to remove potential water spots.

Sterling and stainless maintenance Pott flatware and accessories are very sturdy. Regular maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy their appeal and elegance for decades. From time to time, you should wipe your stainless steel product with a soft and non-abrasive metal cleaner. Please be sure to use a silver polish for all sterling products.