POTT. Flatware manufacturing since 1904 – Made in Germany

Values and Visions

POTT – Made in Germany – is known worldwide as the premium brand for flatware. The demand for perfection is achieved through traditional artisanship and life-long service.


The POTT brand is firmly tied to the beliefs personified by the firm’s founder Carl Pott.

Carl Pott, artist, craftsman and entrepreneur, with all his talents, gifts and uncompromising dedication single handedly created the mystique of the POTT brand. The demands made on perfection and the goal to create ergonomic, autonomous and fascinating shapes is the premise and standard for the brand and its products. “Perfecting the structure of function,” has been, is, and continues to be the dictum for daily activities.


The POTT brand is a synonym for excellence in flatware and exclusive tableware products. Their character reflects restraint and understated luxury.

The name POTT is the signature brand for eating and serving utensils made of Sterling silver and stainless steel, produced in a traditional German manufactory. By requiring the highest standards in terms of function and quality, we produce products of outstanding value and permanence.


The POTT manufactory places extraordinary demands on the perfection of its handcrafted products, and through this, has established a culture in the worldwide flatware production that has no equal.

Founded in 1904, POTT has over 100 years of history in flatware manufacturing based on the traditions of the Werkbund and Bauhaus movements. Obsessive attention to detail and personal service are hallmarks of our brand culture.